A sunset session with Rachel and Colin
What I enjoy most about photographing couples is just watching them have fun together. Not only do I get to create the art that I love, but I get to hang out with awesome people who are crazy about each other. Recently I moved to Los Angeles away from my home in Northern California. It was a big change for me, but let me tell yo ...
Classic Car Meet up at the Famous LA River
If you know me, you know that for years that I have been involved in Kustom Kulture. I've always been a fan of the art, the pin-up models, the tattoos, and of course the cars.  I was really involved up in Northern California where I grew up, but have found myself excited again over the culture now that I am down in Southern Califor ...
Fun movie theater wedding in Fontana by Matthew Leland Photography
Kathy + Martin| A Classic Hollywood Wedding at the Fontana Theater
It's hard to catch a rainy day in Southern California. However, it did rain on Kathy and Martin's wedding day. That didn't stop them from having this stylish, Classic Hollywood wedding at the old school Fontana Theater. If anything the rain just made their portraits in front of the theater even more awesome. They got married, peopl ...
N + S | Coffee themed wedding in Sacramento
G + B | Bright and Fun day at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
They came all the way from Canada to get their photographs taken in Santa Cruz. And to eat those delicious Corn Dogs. These two were so ridiculously fun. And how about that sunset?
Tiffany + Gio | A DIY rustic wedding by the Delta
There was love. There was hugs. There was keg stands. Tiffany and Gio made their family complete when they were married by the river surrounded by their family and friends. Their daughter joined them in their union wearing what was probably one of the cutest wedding outfits I have ever seen on a kid. I had such a fun time pho ...
Misty + Josh | Comic books, Tattoos, Star Wars, and Love
Misty proved it was perfectly acceptable to wear a Batman cape into your wedding reception.
Beach Boardwalk portrait photographer Santa Monica
Becca | Sunset Portrait session with her sweet dog
Pets are family too. Becca knows this and that's why she invited me to take these portraits of her and her Pit bull best friend. We decided to get some killer sunset portraits around the train tracks near the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well behaved her furry friend was when dealing with all ...
Creative engagement session portrait
Kristy + Scott | Sunset Engagement Session on the Delta
I love the challenge of shooting a nighttime engagement session. While I love natural light and know how to use it, there is something so fun about bringing out the artificial light and making magic happen. Kristy and Scott trusted me to create some beautiful sunset and indoor images for their engagement session. The area around ...