January 19, 2017

Juliana + Forest + Dia Los Muertos Styled Wedding in the Summer


Every now and then you meet a couple and you just connect right of the bat. This comes with people we call friends, but also those that become our clients. You just know they are the kind of people that drive you to do what you do. Juliana and Forest were that couple.

With their inspiration being a mix of Halloween and Day of the Dead during their end of summer wedding, it played homage to the brides Latin heritage as well. Other passions like theatre and music from the 1920’s-1940’s also helped to make the ambiance and life of the wedding seem even more unique. The ceremony was particularly special and important. They even had an ancient Viking tradition in honor of one side of the family, which is something I’ve personally never had the pleasure of experiencing, let alone photographing! Lots of amazing handcrafted decorations like colored jars, vases, napkins and amazing antique details really made the wedding stand out and feel very warm and inviting. They made their own photobooth, did all the flower arrangements and even in the evening had a little fun shooting off homemade fireworks! That’s a very determined couple to make sure their day was exactly what they envisioned!

The bride put her outfit together all on her own. It was made up of a corset from Dark Garden Custom Corsetry, as skirt made by independent designer Kristen Eiden and lace ‘barefoot sandals’ and gloves by Gloves by Jana. She also made her headpiece herself. All in all, this mix of retro, yet very timeless and classic look made for some amazing images that I still love to look back on and enjoy.

Every wedding, no matter how budgeted, is going to cost a couple some. While the photography and video were the biggest, they saved a lot by having the wedding at their parent’s beautiful ranch home in Tracy, California and the bride’s cousin did all the catering as a gift. “There’s nothing we’d do differently”, Juliana said about the wedding afterwards, “We didn’t second guess our choices because we went with our gut. My advice to other couples would be spend cash on what makes you happy. Your guests won’t remember $1000 napkins or the fact that you had them at all. Also, make lists and shamelessly ask friends and family for help!”

This wedding also got featured on the amazing blog Rock N Roll bride, and I was very proud to see it there! I hope you enjoy checking out this amazingly unique wedding as I did shooting it.


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