January 4, 2017

Vanessa + Aaron | Seaside Colorful Wedding in Pacific Grove


When I found out that Vanessa and Aaron booked the Asilomar Conference Ground in Pacific Grove as their venue I of course immediately looked online to get an idea. I was not disappointed. The images I found where beautiful and I knew that any venue walking distance from the beautiful beaches of California is going to be amazing.
I’ve said before that having a personal relationship with your client is integral to making sure they get amazing photos. I think as a photographer it’s of course about observing; watching the world as it happens and documenting. But weddings are far more intimate in their closeness of the family, the new connections the create, and the joining of relatives and friends.
I’d known Vanessa a few years so I think that set us off on the right foot as we started with a very sweet engagement session with her and Aaron in Ripon by the river. I could absolutely feel their connection with each other and how they looked and talked to each other as I took their photos.
The perfect June weather made shooting this wedding a breeze, and I could tell the rest of the guests were enjoying it as well. With the ceremony starting on the sandy beach, all the guests then were brought inside to the reception wall filled with fantastic hand made details that Vanessa herself worked tirelessly on. So many amazing details I had the pleasure of photographing, my favorite being tiny bottles with the names of the guests inside of them.
All in all, Vanessa and Aaron’s hard work paid off and the party went all night. Thank you again to them both for the pleasure of being their photographer and getting the chance to photograph and save this very special night for them to share for years from now.

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